Last Chance To Grab A Sweet BOGO Deal From DoorDash To Celebrate The NBA Playoffs

Tasty treats from McDonalds, Dairy Queen, Playa Cabana and more!

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Last Chance To Grab A Sweet BOGO Deal From DoorDash To Celebrate The NBA Playoffs
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What good is watching sports at home if you have nothing scrumptious to munch on?

Enter DoorDash.

As a partner of the NBA, DoorDash is celebrating the NBA Playoffs with amazing buy one, get one free deals from select restaurants now until June 27.

To get in the spirit of game day, you can order from your favourite restaurant and get two tasty items for the price of one. You have to add the same item twice in your cart for the discount to be applied.

In addition to this limited time offer, new DoorDash users can enjoy a $0 delivery fee for 30 days*.

Planning on ordering in tonight to watch the game? These tasty treats are a total slam dunk.


Price: $5.49

Details: If you and your buddy are craving burgers, you can get two Big Macs for the price of one right now. You can't go wrong with a classic.

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Price: $18.96

Details: If you haven't tried The Chipotle Firecracker Burger yet, it's a sirloin beef burger topped with bacon, crispy Cajun onions, cheddar cheese and Chipotle Honey BBQ sauce. It's bursting with flavour!

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Dairy Queen

Price: $5.32

Details: Need a sweet post-game treat? When you buy any medium blizzard from Dairy Queen, you can get the second one free. Try the popular Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard or the Choco Brownie Extreme Blizzard.

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Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen

Price: $12

Details: When it comes to making Jamaican patties, Chubby's is the MVP. The patties come in spicy beef, curry turkey, pepper shrimp or coconut greens.

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The Good Son

Price: $16

Details: What's better than a slice of pizza? A whole entire pie, of course. When you order a Margherita Pizza from The Good Son, a Queen Street West staple, the second one is free.

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Price: $12.99

Details: Our favourite buffet restaurant is on DoorDash and right now you can get two orders of the Crispy Fried Shrimp for the price of one. Feel free to dunk them in the tasty sweet and sour sauce that comes with it.

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Kitchen Hub Food Hall

Price: $5.99 - $8.25

Details: Chips and dip go hand in hand with game day. Lucky for you, you can order Mad Mexican chips and get two dips for the price of one. You can try the Chunky Guacamole (mild or hot), Salsa Pico de Gallo or the Two Way Jalapeno Bean Dip.

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Pizza Pizza

Price: $6.99

Details: If you're ordering a large pizza while you watch the game, you can add some juicy bite-sized chicken to your cart, too. The Popcorn Chicken at Pizza Pizza is a satisfying appetizer.

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Playa Cabana

Price: $13

Details: For shareable plates, you can order the Guacamole from Playa Cabana. For $13, you'll get two orders of tortilla chips and a healthy portion of housemade guacamole topped with serrano peppers. It's the perfect half-time snack.

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* the $0 delivery fee for 30 days offer is unfortunately not available in Quebec.

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