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Canada's Biggest Delivery Order Of 2020 Had Someone Spend Over $1000 On Food

Can you guess what they got? 🤔
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DoorDash Canada Order In 2020 That Was The Largest Was Over $1K On Greek Food

Could you spend this much money on delivery? The largest DoorDash Canada order in 2020 had someone dropping over $1,000 on Greek food!

When it comes to the eating habits of Canadians, we know a little bit more now because this delivery service has released statistics about what we've been ordering.

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$1,087 largest DoorDash order of 2020

The largest order of the year was a whopping $1,087.

Whoever spent this much money on a food delivery ordered souvlaki, gyro, pastitsio which is Greek lasagna, and even more items.

DoorDash also shared with Narcity the top foods of the year in Canada that were ordered between January 1 and October 31.

For 2020, burritos came out on top followed by butter chicken, chicken tenders/nuggets, poutine, onion rings, miso soup, chicken lettuce wraps, California rolls, burgers and tuna poke bowls.

The most expensive order on SkipTheDishes wasn't able to top the one on DoorDash.

Someone in Edmonton spent $900.27 for three Dom Pérignons on May 2!

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