Tim Hortons' Holiday Menu In The US Is So Different Than The One In Canada

Which country has the better holiday menu?
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Tim Hortons Holiday Menu In Canada Is So Different Than One In The US

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas and that means festive treats! However, the Tim Hortons holiday menu in Canada is very different than the one that's being offered in the U.S. There are so many interesting items that you can only get south of the border.

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What's on the holiday menu at Canadian Tim Hortons locations?

For the holiday menu that's available in Canada right now, you can get six festive items at locations across the country.

There are two new Dream Donuts, a polar bear one that literally looks like a polar bear and a hazelnut éclair one, a Filled Sugar Cookie with white and blue snowflakes on it and a Gingerbread Filled Muffin.

As for drinks, you can get a classic Candy Cane Hot Chocolate and a Candy Cane White Hot Chocolate.

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Are there any items both countries offer?

The only similarity between the menus in both Canada and the U.S. is the festive hot chocolate and even then there are differences.

At locations here, it's called Candy Cane Hot Chocolate but American locations have it listed as Peppermint Hot Chocolate.

Also, both countries have the same festive packaging for hot beverages and baked good boxes to fit with the "It's the Most Wonderful Tims of the Year" theme.

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What's on the American holiday menu?

This is where things get interesting!

While Tims locations in the U.S. have fewer items on their holiday menu than locations in Canada do, the treats that are available are very different.

Similar to the Candy Cane Hot Chocolate is the Peppermint Hot Chocolate that's topped with whipped cream and pieces of peppermint.

It comes with the same toppings as the hot chocolate.

The Peppermint Mocha Latte is an espresso-based and peppermint mocha flavoured drink that can be ordered hot or cold.

New for this year is the Peppermint Mocha Cold Brew which combines chocolate mint peppermint syrup with cold brew and comes topped with cold foam and peppermint pieces.

There are two holiday baked goods available this year in the U.S.

The Peppermint Dream Donut is a chocolate cake ring donut that's topped with chocolate fondant, vanilla fluff, pieces of peppermint bark and peppermint chocolate drizzle.

Locations are also serving up the Holiday Tree Donut which is a tree-shaped donut that's filled with Venetian cream and topped with green fondant and sprinkles.

If you were thinking of taking a quick trip across the border to try one of these unique treats, you won't be allowed to because non-essential travel banned until December 21.

Justin Trudeau recently suggested that the border won't reopen any time soon.

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