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Dr. Tam Just Jazzed Up The Daily COVID-19 Update With A Bunch Of Dance Metaphors

Canadians need to "get back in the dance and take the lead."

The report on the status of COVID-19 in Canada today was jazzed up by Dr. Theresa Tam, who performed a verbal tango to keep Canadians motivated.

The Chief Public Health Officer closed out her update on the pandemic with a collection of dance metaphors to describe the country's fight against the virus. 

Dr. Tam said that Canadians "hammered" COVID-19 in the spring, and had their "first dance" with it over the summer.

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This virus will cut in anywhere and any time we let it, so let's get back in the dance and take the lead. Dr. Theresa Tam

She said that the country held its lead, but after resuming some activities later in the season, it had been "slipping on a few of [the] key dance steps."

Those include consistent physical distancing, proper hand hygiene, and wearing masks when they are required.

However, Dr. Tam said that Canadians can "get back in the dance and take the lead," by "performing those other key steps with precision."

This is not the first time that the CPHO has used metaphors to talk about the nation's fight against the pandemic.

She previously said during a press conference that Canadians needed to give the second wave the "old double-double."