Trails in the Peach State are flooded with wildflowers once spring and summer hits. The best way to see them is to go exploring and find a new trail you've never been on. Starting with this hidden trail in North Georgia might be the best option and there's even a little surprise at the end. 

The Shirley Miller Wildflower Trail in Chickamauga, Georgia is actually a hidden gem. It's only 0.9-miles out and back, which is perfect for a hot summer day. 

You'll follow a wooden boardwalk that'll make it easy to weave through the forest. You could jog this trail since you won't have to worry about rocks and roots being in your way. 

Throughout your trek you'll pass about 500 different picture-perfect wildflowers.

Before you turn around to head back to the trailhead, you'll be met with a soothing cascading waterfall. The water and the sound of it hitting the rocks below is mesmerizing. 

You can also explore the different levels of these unique falls

There'll be signs that warn the public that this is private property, but all you have to do is obtain a Go Outdoors Georgia Hunting, Fishing, or Lands Pass License. 

Go to this website and enroll, and you'll be good to go. 

If you're trying to figure out when the perfect time to visit is, you might want to go in the summer right after it rains.

The multiple small waterfalls you pass throughout your hike, as well as the larger falls, will have more water rushing down them than usual.

Keep a lookout for a few flowers like Bloodroot, Blue Cohosh, Bluebells, Dutchman’s Breeches, False Solomon’s Seal and Four-leaved Milkweed while on your adventure. 

Shirly Miller Wildflower Trail 

Price: Free

Address: 299 Pocket Rd., Chickamauga, GA

Why You Need To Go: You'll hike along a wooden boardwalk to a large cascading waterfall that's hidden deep in the forest. 

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