The current state of Alberta COVID-19 has prompted 74 local medical professionals to send a letter to Jason Kenney which pleads for a “circuit breaker” lockdown.

According to the Calgary Herald, the letter asks for a snap two-week lockdown that can give contact tracers the chance to catch up and remove a little of the strain on the health-care system.

The healthcare professionals reportedly expressed how worried they are about the current situation in the province. They also critiqued Kenney’s current 15-person maximum for gatherings in Calgary and Edmonton, saying it’s simply not enough.

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I think the circuit-breaker idea is an interesting one; it’s what British Columbia announced this weekend and you’ll note they targeted some of the same kinds of activities that we are targeting here Dr. Deena Hinshaw

During her address on November 10, Deena Hinshaw did not announce any new COVID-19 measures. In fact, the last measures that were announced were the gathering limits in the two main cities. 

As numbers continued to climb, Jason Kenney spoke on Friday, November 6, and asked Albertans to stop gathering. It was simply a request, not an order. 

At present, Alberta has 7,965 active cases. 3,345 of which are in the Calgary Zone and 3,175 are in the Edmonton Zone.

In conclusion on Monday, Hinshaw said they are taking all options and opinions seriously, including this letter.