A new study from the Canadian Journalism Foundation (CJF) looked into how informed each province is feeling about COVID-19 in Canada.

The data was shared with Narcity via email and reveals that Albertans believe themselves to be the "least informed about what is going on with COVID-19" in comparison to the other provinces and territories.

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However, Albertans say they are the most informed about the side effects associated with COVID-19 vaccines.

People from Alberta are also the most likely to confess to having shared false news, with 18% of locals saying they have. In addition, according to the study, "the Prairies and Alberta have the least trust in politicians and government authorities."

Quebec respondents say they are the most tuned in to the news, are more likely to trust journalists and politicians, and feel the most confident in spotting false news. British Columbians, meanwhile, feel the least confident in spotting false news.