Alberta Decided To Scrap Physical Distancing In Classrooms Over The Weekend (VIDEO)

Kids won't have to be two metres apart when they're at their desks.
Physical Distancing In Alberta Classrooms Was Scrapped By Hinshaw Over The Weekend

Alberta just made a major change to its back-to-school plan. 

According to a health order signed by the province's top doctor Dr. Deena Hinshaw, public schools don't need to ensure physical distancing in Alberta classrooms starting Monday, August 31.

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an operator of a school does not need to ensure that students, staff members and visitors are able to maintain a minimum of two metres distance. 

Dr. Deena Hinshaw

The order added that this rule will apply for students, staff members, and visitors seated at desks and tables in classrooms. The seating must be arranged so that all parties are faced away from each other. 

Physical distancing still needs to be followed in other "indoor locations" inside school premises and on school buses. 

On top of that, all students grade four and above, as well as staff members, need to wear non-medical masks in all indoor locations and buses. 

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