Canada's cool and all, but sometimes you just get that yearning to visit the castles and cultures of Europe. This small town in Alberta lets you satisfy your wanderlust and save you an expensive plane ticket all at once. Between stays in an actual castle and the cute local attractions in town, St. Albert is the next best thing when you're stuck in North America.

Whether you're passing through for a night or staying for a week, all travellers to St. Albert have got to book a stay at Ryans Castle. This royal Airbnb has opened its doors and its guests are treated like kings and queens.

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Like a Canadian version of Downton Abbey, this 160-acre palace lies just 15 kilometres from the town's core. Guests get to stay in a regal bedroom, have access to a private indoor pool, and even dig into a romantic candlelit dinner.

That's a great point to start off your Canadian-European adventure, but you'll want to savour the flavours of the Old World. Thankfully, the town has a ton of fine-dining opportunities from all over the world.

Whet your appetite with Evoolution, a local olive oil and balsamic vinegar tasting bar. They often have tasting events, featuring a wide selection of small plates based on their savoury vinegars and fresh oils.

Hungry? Be sure to stop by Buco Pizzeria + Vino Bar, with a modern take on Italian dishes based on traditional techniques. Their wine list is massive — perfect for taking your romantic night to the next level.

Hunger sated, wind down with a relaxing stroll through the St. Albert Botanic Park. The garden is home to a dazzling variety of flowers and plants, lovingly tended to by a team of volunteers.

Alberta isn't what most people think of when they think Europe, but this tiny town just a short drive from Edmonton is proving them wrong. You'll have to come and see this place for yourself.

St. Albert

Address: St. Albert, AB

Why You Need To Go: Stay in a literal castle between trips to the charming small town and enjoy all the activities it has to offer.

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