On Tuesday, May 4, Premier Jason Kenney announced several new restrictions that will be implemented throughout the coming days, but one of the newest rules announced will include the 10-day shut-down of non-essential Alberta businesses that have a COVID-19 outbreak at their workplace.

For those who will still be going into work after the new measures are put into place and wondering "what is a COVID-19 outbreak in Alberta?" the Alberta Government says it is when there has been "transmission of 3 or more cases" at any workplace except those that are considered essential services.

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As laid out in the Labour Relations section of the provincial government's site, essential services are any public service that would put the public's health and safety at risk if they were to be temporarily closed down.

Other restrictions that Premier Kenney put into place will include the shut-down of any and all services that fall under the personal or wellness umbrellas, like hair and nail salons, for three weeks starting Monday, May 9. This will also include patio dining at restaurants.

All retail services will still be open but will be running at a 10% capacity or with a minimum cap of five people.