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People Keep Defacing Alberta's Police Memorials & Jason Kenney Is Fuming

"It is despicable," he said in a lengthy tweet.

The premier is calling for change after several Alberta police monuments were vandalized recently. 

On Friday, September 4, Jason Kenney took to Twitter to condemn recent vandalism in Alberta. In late August, a monument honouring peacekeepers was vandalized in Calgary, and on Friday, Edmonton Police Service reported that a statue honouring Ezio Faraone, a police officer, was vandalized in Edmonton. 

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It is despicable to dishonour the memory of those who gave their lives in the defence of our community.

Jason Kenney

Kenney said that he will be asking the federal government to make an amendment to Section 430, which penalizes individuals for damaging war memorials. 

The premier wants the vandalism of police and peace officer monuments to be included in the amendment.

He also wants to add specific penalties in the "Alberta regulatory law" that will punish those who dishonour police officers and veterans.