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West Ed Just Released A Preview Of The New Go-Kart Track & It's New York Themed (VIDEO)

It looks like so much fun!
West Edmonton Mall's Go-Kart Track Is Opening Soon & A Preview Video Just Came Out
Staff Writer

Get ready to live out your wildest video game fantasy with the West Edmonton Mall go-kart track. 

According to the mall's website, this experience is North America's first-ever three-level race track. These babies also go way faster than your average go-karts.

This track will feature New York City-themed streetscapes and you will get to use state-of-the-art electric Sodi race karts. 

A video of what the track will look like has been posted online and it seriously gives you Mario Kart vibes. 

The mall has not shared an exact opening date, however, it does say “opening soon,” so keep an eye out. 

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