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This Secluded Airbnb Near Marfa Is The Ultimate Desert Getaway

You'll be a short trip from hot springs!

The further you get away from populated cities in Texas, the more incredible country scenery you will find. With fewer people around, comes more room for nature and all of its inhabitants to thrive. A solar Airbnb near Marfa proves just that and will provide you with an incredible place to stay in the middle of nowhere, with equally incredible views.

Michael is the Superhost of the Modern Solar Home about an hour south of Marfa.

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People Keep Hiking This Texas Trail To Find A Mysterious 40-Year-Old School Desk

A local treasure.

There are many hidden gems scattered across the state, but some are a lot odder than others. From finding beached yachts in the desert to exploring hidden graffiti parks, Texans are no strangers to finding unique artifacts in weird places. One place that is like no other is this 40-year-old school desk atop Hancock Hill in Alpine, Texas. The desk was transported up the rocky hill decades ago, and still stands with a major amount of memories etched into it.

In 1981, three Sul Ross University students carried a long metal desk up a trail behind the school and the desk has remained there ever since!

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This 75-Mile Scenic Texas Drive Will Take You On A Mountain-Filled Road Trip

Roll those windows down.

Some of the most beautiful parts of Texas are the ones less explored. Traveling out to West Texas will almost always guarantee you views of the Lone Star State not seen by many, and the result will take your breath away. There's a scenic drive near El Paso that's well worth the extra miles, and it's the perfect way to take in all that the Lone Star State has to offer from a distance.

The Scenic Loop Drive starts on Texas 118 in Fort Davis, Texas, and continues for 75 miles.

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You Can Go Glamping Under The Texas Stars In A Literal Space Dome

We come in peace. 👽

There's no better feeling than looking up into the night sky and being greeted with a starry canvas. This Milky Way view isn't attainable in just any part of Texas, in fact, you might have to travel quite a ways before you're able to experience it. Luckily, a glampsite at Big Bend in Texas has several overnight accommodations to choose from that allow you to take in one of the most incredible spots in the Lone Star State. 

Big Bend Glamping in Terlingua, Texas lets you spend the night in the mountains of the Chihuahuan Desert just outside of Big Bend National Park. 

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This Incredible Texas Trail Leads You To A Breathtaking Hidden Canyon

The wanderlust has never been so real.

If you're from Texas, there should be at least a handful of hikes on your vacation bucket list this year. The Lone Star State is filled with incredible parks that have even more stunning of hikes within them, it's just up to you to find them. Luckily, we made a list of places to hike in Texas this summer that'll leave you a little bit sweaty, but a whole lot of happy. 

Closed Canyon Trail at Big Bend Ranch State Park is 1.8 miles of pure canyon bliss.

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You Can Find Fluffy Sand Dunes At This Dreamy Texas National Park

It's like a daydream.

When Texans think of going on a nature-filled adventure in the state, they typically end up thinking about spots around the Hill Country or Big Bend National Park, but there is one exciting place that will never cease to amaze those who visit it. The Guadalupe Mountains National State Park is home to so many stunning natural features, including actual Texas white sand dunes that you can explore. If you haven't made the journey out here yet, you absolutely need to.

The Guadalupe Mountains National State Park lies in the expansive Chihuahuan Desert in West Texas. You can find so many unique features at this park, it's incredible.

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