This is not your average snack shop. Cheetos mac n' cheese, street taco-flavoured Lays chips, and moonberry Twinkies are just some of the mind-boggling treats you'll find at Toronto's store for rare snacks.

Rare Snacks Toronto has a massive stock of limited edition snacks that are not easy to find. It's an online store that ships internationally.

According to the store's Instagram, it brings "the forbidden snacks of the USA to Canada, and Canada to the USA."

Here are some of the wackiest and oddly mouthwatering goodies that they have. 



The company has an impressive assortment of unusual soda flavours, including birch beer, pineapple, and lime Crush!

If Oreos are your thing, look no further. Rare Snacks has a great selection of limited edition Oreo releases.

They even have a Trader Joe's section too! 

They have an impressive catalog of rare cereals for you to spice up your breakfasts with.

And they've got more candy flavours than you can shake a stick at!

No matter what kind of snack you're looking for — savoury or sweet — this store has a little bit of everything.

Even Mountain Dew Doritos.


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