Around the world, COVID-19 Cases are spiking and the United States is no exception. 

Compared to Canada, there are nine states that have more total cases than this entire country combined. 

One state, Texas, even has over one million cases all on its own. 

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Cases of COVID-19 have been reported in Texas

As of 7 pm ET on November 11, 2020, Canada had reported 277,061 total cases since the start of the pandemic. 

For our neighbours to the south, there are nine different states who top that number right now. 

According to John Hopkins University, Tennesee has had 293,381 instances of COVID-19, North Carolina has 300,561, and Wisconsin has seen 301,349 total cases. 

Then in a big jump Georgia has 413,894 total cases, Illinois has 523,840, and New York has seen 540,965 instances of COVID-19. 

Florida and California creep into the top three with 858,012 and 995,575 cases respecitively but the highest total has been seen in Texas. 

On Wednesday, November 11, the southern state became the first region in that country to hit the one million mark and has recorded 1,022,336 cases. 

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