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A Little Canadian Boy Needs Life Saving Help & Even Trudeau Is Pitching In

The 3-month-old needs to find a match!
A Little Canadian Boy Needs Life Saving Help & Even Trudeau Is Pitching In

"Can you save Boston's life?" The three-month-old Winnipeg boy's stem cell donor search has made it to the prime minister, who is pitching in on social media. 

Justin Trudeau just shared Boston De Castro's story on his social media in an effort to help the family find a stem cell donor for their little baby who is fighting a disease called hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH).

His best chance is finding a donor who is the same ethnicity as him, Filipino-Caucasian. 

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Can you save Boston's life? Justin Trudeau

Trudeau spread the word about the search and told his followers on Facebook and Twitter how they could contribute. 

"There are two ways you can help: If you’re half-Caucasian and half-Filipino, please reach out to @CanadasLifeline and see how you can become a stem cell donor. If you aren’t, you can still share this story and spread the word," he wrote. 

It has been found that having potential donors of the same ethnicity as the patient improves the chance of a match.

Other criteria to get on the registry, which is run through Canadian Blood Services, are that you be between 17 and 35 years old and generally healthy. There is a preference for male donors, whose stem cells have been found to reduce post-transplant complications. 

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