On Thursday, December 17, new data revealed how Canadians are feeling about our federal party leaders. As it turns out, the approval ratings for most of our politicians are on the rise, landing Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh in the top spots.

The data from Research Co shows that 37% of voters would vote for a liberal candidate if a federal election was held today. Meanwhile, the current liberal leader, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has seen his approval rate go up by 5% since September.

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Justin Trudeau's approval rating

The second-highest approval rating goes to NDP leader Jagmeet Singh who is landing at 46%, jumping up by 2%.

Next, we have Conservative leader Erin O’Toole at 35%, up 2%.

It appears all leaders have seen an increased approval rating apart from Annamie Paul of the Green Party whose rating has remained the same.

The study also shows which parties are the most popular among the provinces.

Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan are the fondest of the Conservative Party.

In B.C., the NDP and Conservatives are just about tied.

And over in Atlantic Canada, Quebec, and Ontario, the Liberals are leading the charge.

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