A group of Ontario kids were reportedly scolded by the Ontario Provincial Police last weekend over their involvement in a dangerous prank. 

The incident, which involved at least 15 youth, occurred just before 11:00 p.m. on November 7, 2020, near Huron Street West in Exeter.

According to a police report, the kids were reportedly caught lying in the middle of the road covered in blankets. 

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Although the motivation was not confirmed in the incident, it is believed the prank was another ill-thought-out social media challenge.

Ontario Provinicial Police 

The group would apparently get up and run away as vehicles made their way down the road. 

Officers were able to track down some of the teens after arriving on the scene.

No charges were laid, but the kids were warned about participating in the dangerous activity

Police believe that this prank is a result of kids trying to hop onto a social media trend. 

According to OPP, a similar incident occurred back in September in Sudbury District, after a small group of teens was spotted lying on the centre line of a road.

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