With Black Friday approaching, John Tory has asked participating retailers to limit their Black Friday sales in Toronto this year to online only.

The announcement came on Monday in the form of a release on behalf of Mayors and Chairs across the GTHA.

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With Black Friday fast approaching, [we have] urged retailers who will remain open [...] to immediately announce they will NOT host large, in-person sales on Friday.

Mayor John Tory


"There is plenty of evidence that people with symptoms are going to work and not getting tested because they think self-isolation after a positive test will mean loss of job or income or both," Tory wrote.

"This is unacceptable."

"Such sales would only serve to undermine the fight against COVID-19 and negate the sacrifices being made by so many, including other businesses," he wrote.

However, the release encourages the public to still participate in Black Friday sales online.

"The Mayors [of the GTA] and Chairs urge people to shop online and support local retailers through internet shopping," he said.

And in Toronto, there are plenty of local shops that will deliver straight to your door.

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