Despite growing up the son of a famous actor and screenwriter, Dan Levy had a pretty normal childhood.

The 37-year-old actor co-created and co-starred in the Emmy award-stealing comedy Schitt's Creek with his father and sister.

However, before his successful career in show biz, Dan Levy's teenage years were as average as they come.

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Where did Dan Levy go to high school?

Dan Levy attended North Toronto Collegiate Institute, a public high school in the Yonge and Eglinton area.

The school was also the teenage stomping grounds of other celebrities, including Keanu Reeves, Malin Akerman, and David Cronenberg. 

Levy opened up about his "tricky" adolescent experiences during an acceptance speech at the GLAAD Gala.

“Standing up here, it’s hard not to think back to a very specific time in my life when I was still in the closet," said Levy, per Variety.

"I was in high school. I had a bad faux-hawk because the first ‘Mission: Impossible’ movie had just come out and I thought Tom Cruise was a real drink of water."

"When I was falling in love with my best friend and instead of being able to do anything about it, I watched him fall in love with someone else because I didn’t have the courage to act publicly on my feelings."

What Did Dan Levy do before he became famous?

Long before "Ew David!" was a thing, Dan Levy worked part-time at Rogers Video and Gap Kids.

"I was kicked out of a moving vehicle at 15, after a bar mitzvah, in front of a Gap Kids and told not to come home until I’d gotten a job application. That’s how my family operates. I’ve been working ever since," Levy told Wealthsimple.

"I was still working at Rogers Video when I got my job at MTV," he added.

Levy also told the outlet that he'd saved up his "Gap money" to take an ill-fated vacation to the Dominican Republic with some friends — it rained the whole time.

Levy got his big break working as one of the original hosts of MTV Live.

However, the show was eventually cancelled and the actor parted ways with the network back in 2011, reports CBC.

Who are Dan Levy's inspirations?

Levy may have inherited a natural talent for comedy and screenwriting from his parents, but it was his high school English teacher that inspired him to keep going.

The Emmy-award winner credits Anne Carrier, the former Head of English at NTCI, for helping him find his voice as a writer and encouraging him to explore the craft.

"I knew I wanted to write, to create, to have my voice heard, but I had no idea how to do it," Levy told the NTCI Foundation.

“She came along at just the right moment…She inspired me to think differently and continue to write."

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