With Ontario's COVID-19 numbers that were just put out, Peel's daily case count is larger than Toronto's for the second time ever in only a week.

Minister of Health Christine Elliot announced on November 14 that Ontario is reporting 1,581 COVID-19 cases with most of those come from two areas of the province.

There were 497 new cases from Peel included in that total.

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COVID-19 cases in Peel reported on November 14

In Toronto, 456 new cases were reported on November 14.

This is the second time that the city has come in below Peel in the daily case count and it first happened on November 11 when there were 468 in Peel and 384 in Toronto.

With the newly released numbers, 130 new cases of COVID-19 have been identified in York Region and 77 in Ottawa.

Another 1,003 cases are now considered resolved and more than 44,800 tests were completed.

Peel and Toronto are already in Ontario's red zone which is the last control level before lockdown.

As of November 16, Halton, York and Hamilton will also be moved to that level.

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