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Toronto's Red Zone Means Stricter Rules On Your Social Bubble

New restrictions come into effect this weekend.
Toronto's Red Zone Rules Include Tighter Social Bubble Restrictions

On Tuesday, Dr. Eileen de Villa announced extra measures in the fight against COVID-19 by putting Toronto in the red zone as of this Saturday, November 14.

This means a number of things for the city: no indoor dining in bars or restaurants, no indoor fitness classes, no theatres, and more.

However, the new restrictions also affect your social bubble and who you're allowed to spend time with.

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Social gatherings should only be with those you live with and/or one or two essential supports. City of Toronto

You are expected to shrink your bubble of close contacts to only those you live with and your "essential supports."

Other precautions include only leaving home for "work or school, health care, shopping for your household and health needs, and getting exercise and physical activity."

"COVID-19 is spreading at an alarming rate," said Dr. de Villa on Tuesday.

"While we’ve seen some progress with the temporary restrictions that were imposed last month, more action is required now to protect Toronto from rampant virus spread."

These new restrictions will once again be in place for 28 days at least. 

On Tuesday, Toronto broke its record for the number of new COVID-19 infections, reporting 520 new cases.

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