The province was slammed with a hefty storm this weekend that covered most cities in white. 

In fact, the snow in Ontario was so heavy that it even shattered records for some GTA cities. 

Brampton recorded a whopping 24.5 centimetres, while other areas of the province, such as Pearson airport saw just over 19 centimetres. 

As residents' streets got flooded with the white stuff, we were reminded just how much Ontarians can't handle the snow. 

Frozen 3: Olaf's Revenge

There is something slightly unsettling about watching a goofy-looking snowman burst out of the ground.

A reminder to all residents to maybe bring your inflatables indoors next time a big storm is rolling in. 

Nah. I'm calling in sick.

Imagine waking up and seeing your car buried under more than just snow? 

It might be time to invest in a garage or some underground parking. 

Toronto drivers are the worst.

It looks some residents forgot how to drive during this weekend's snowstorm. 

Keep your eyes on the road and check your Twitter at home. 

It's gone. Move on.

It's time to move into the acceptance stage of grief. Summer is gone and the only thing to look forward to is the snow. 

Don't slip.

While it's important to work out, maybe investing in some proper snow shoes would help. 

Rolling into this week like.

The most you can do is try to make the best of the snowstorm. However, it looks like some people weren't even able to do that. 

Avoid the fiery snow.

Explosions. Fire. Snow and slush. It pretty much sums up this snowstorm of 2020. 


Play sad music over this and you've just made yourself a hit movie. 

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