Forget the monoliths that have been appearing all around the world — Toronto's mysterious High Park statue is way creepier.

A post in the Facebook group "Weird Toronto" first brought the statue to people's attention on December 3, and folks were stumped as to what it was doing there. 

The statue is still there now, and people are still just as curious.

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The statue is hidden deep in Toronto's High Park, near the Colborne Lodge in the south of the park.

The horned statue seems to be made from a mix of mud, cement, and wood, with arms, eyes, and a supporting post.

Narcity has reached out to the supposed sculptor, whose friend commented on the original Facebook post.

Plenty of people had their curiosity piqued by the statue — one visitor named Maggie told Narcity the statue reminded her of some sort of Earth spirit.

Whatever the inspiration for the structure, it's nice to know that Toronto has a new guardian keeping an eye on things. 

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