A Cyclists Vs. Pedestrians Speed War Is Raging In A Toronto Park & Even TPS Is Involved

Over 100 tickets were reportedly handed out to cyclists in 2 days!

High Park Crackdown On Speeding Cyclists Has Begun, Cops Say
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You don't have to be driving through High Park in a car to get a speeding ticket, these days — instead, the Toronto Police Service (TPS) has been penalizing cyclists who are breaking the rules.

TPS told Narcity via email that it has received a "significant" number of complaints regarding cyclists travelling around High Park at too high a speed, and it is now working with city bylaw officers to set up in the park and catch rule-breakers.

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According to the CBC, police handed out 126 tickets to cyclists who were speeding or failed to stop at stop signs in just two days last week as part of an enforcement blitz.

"The park has become busier as COVID restrictions lift and the weather warms up, resulting in more families, young children and dog walkers who have all raised concerns," TPS said.

"Police officers and by-law officers educate the driver or rider on their behaviour, while City by-law officers have also been issuing tickets when necessary. This has been welcomed by the local community as well those visiting the park."

Online, the issue is exploding, with over 1,000 comments on a recent /r/Toronto Reddit post about police setting up in High Park to catch cyclists.

"It's not regular cyclists who may hit 25 or 30km/hr on a regular ride, but rather the kitted out people with $5k+ bikes pushing well over 60 on the downhills, blowing through stop signs and showing almost no regard to pedestrians," wrote Reddit user niwell. "I've seen many close calls and come close to being hit myself on multiple occasions."

"Walked by them on Monday. There were 7 cops standing around, and one giving a cyclist a ticket," user joshuawakefield wrote. "I don't want to sound too old and jaded, but is this really the best way to spend our money?"

"When everyone complains to the city that the park is becoming dangerous due to bikes speeding down the hill at 50kph, this is the result," a user with the name s33ek replied. "The rules that apply to cars also apply to bikes."

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