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Thousands Sign Petition For Change After 23-Year-Old Cyclist Is Killed On Dufferin Street

Alexandra Amaro was killed earlier this December.
Toronto Cylist's Death Spurs Thousands To Sign A Petition Calling For Change

Over 6,000 people have signed a petition calling for change after the death of a 23-year-old Toronto cyclist on December 2.

The petition was started by Mikayla Mauer in memory of Alexandra Amaro, a journalism student at Ryerson University who was struck by two cars while riding her bike on Dufferin Street near Dufferin Mall. 

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She is the fourth cyclist who has been killed this year and the third in the past three months. Mikayla Mauer

Mauer's petition calls on Toronto Mayor John Tory and Deputy Mayor Ana Bailão to make the street safer and prevent any more accidents.

"Alex’s tragic death could’ve been avoided if the city implemented traffic calming measures and added a crosswalk and red light at the intersection," the petition reads.

"[Tory and Bailão should] not only implement measures to protect both bikers and pedestrians on Dufferin Street, but all across the city - especially at busy intersections," it adds.

Amaro is the fourth cyclist who has been killed this year and the third in three months, the petition claims.

Bailão, who is the councillor for the region that includes Dufferin Street, tweeted on December 9 that the city would be immediately looking into ways to increase cyclist and pedestrian safety on the street.

Bailão says she already submitted a motion with recommendations that would make the area safer for bikers, which was seconded by Mayor Tory.

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