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A Toronto Woman Came Home To Find A Burglar Cooking A Meal In Her Apartment

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Toronto Associate Editor

A Toronto Woman Came Home To Find A Burglar Cooking A Meal ...

Not everyone comes home to find a complete stranger cooking themselves a meal after a long day. But on Monday, July 19, at around 5 p.m., Toronto Police officers responded to a report of that exact scenario in the Yonge and Gloucester Street area.

According to a news release, a 33-year-old woman had come home only to find an intruder inside her apartment, shortly after he'd allegedly cooked up a meal.

"It is alleged the accused had cooked a meal, stolen personal items, and was wearing clothing items belonging to the female," Toronto police said.

The hungry intruder is said to have fled the apartment once the woman called local authorities, but was found by officers a short while later. The accused, a 35-year-old man, was placed under arrest and charged with breaking and entering.

Police are asking the public for assistance, and anyone with any information about other potential victims (or any information at all) is asked to contact the Toronto Police Service at 416-808-5100.

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