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Toronto Police Are Looking For A Man Reportedly Trying To Get Into East End Homes (VIDEO)

He's apparently targeting several homes in the area.

Toronto Police Are Looking For A Man Reportedly Trying To Get Into East End Homes (VIDEO)

The Toronto Police are looking for a man who's been trying to get inside various homes in Toronto's East End in the Leslieville area.

In a press release posted on October 5, Toronto Police say that a man has been targeting residences in the Dundas Street East and Leslie Street area. Police say he's in the area at night and leading into the early hours of the morning, and is trying to "gain access" to the homes.

Toronto Police Service | YouTube

In the security camera footage posted above, the suspect is seen ringing the doorbell at one house. He promptly leaves after hearing an automated voice saying nobody can answer the door at that time.

In the report, TPS said he's also been seen riding a bike on a few occasions.

Police describe the suspect as a 30- to 35-year-old bald man with a medium build. He was wearing a hoodie, knee-length sports shorts with stripes on the side, casual shoes, and black socks.


After news about the possible night prowler was posted on Reddit on Tuesday, one user shared an image from their security camera in the comments. "Looks a bit like some rando who was knocking on my door (Westside, Queen West) on Saturday," said u/stankhunt on the r/toronto subreddit.

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This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

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