For over 60 years now, this Toronto murder has gone unsolved, making it the city's oldest cold case homicide. 

A young girl named Patricia Lupton was murdered on March 9, 1959, and was discovered by Toronto Police Services (TPS) on McCowan Road south of Ellesmere Road.

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Patricia Lupton is the oldest prosecutable Cold Case Homicide that we have.

Toronto Police Services

Investigators believe she was last seen alive leaving her home on her way to Kennedy Park Plaza hours before her body was found.

Upon arrival, TPS pronounced 12-year-old Lupton dead at the scene of the crime, despite "life-saving efforts by emergency personnel."

There have been no updates on her case since 1959, leaving the police department in the dark over what happened to the young girl.

There are no known suspects in Patricia Lupton's case and her killer has never been identified.

While TPS has unsolved murders dating as far back as 1921, they do not have file briefs for anything earlier than the Lupton case.

In fact, as of last month, there were 612 cold case murders in the TPS database.

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