The next time you make your way through the downtown core during rush hour, you might come across one of Toronto's new traffic agents.

On Wednesday, the City announced that 16 full-time traffic agents will now be stationed at Toronto's busiest intersections.

The agents will help drivers, transit riders, cyclists and pedestrians move through the intersections safely.

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The chosen intersections include several along Front Street, Adelaide Street, Bay Street, Lower Jarvis Street, as well as the on-ramp to the Gardiner Expressway at York Street.

They'll be tasked with managing these intersections during morning and afternoon rush hour.

"One or two agents will be deployed to a single location depending on the size and complexity of an intersection," says the City.

This program is expended to expand to include other high-priority locations.

The City states that, during a pilot study, blocked intersections decreased by 90% when "paid duty police officers were present and active."

Mayor John Tory says Toronto is the first city in Ontario to have these agents on its streets.

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