One fandom is in for a major treat after Catherine O’Hara went viral on TikTok for portraying her '90s character from Home Alone.

The Schitt’s Creek star recreated the iconic scene from Home Alone 2, and it was the best thing in the world.

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4 million

Views on Twitter

In the movie scene, O’Hara is in the airport travelling for Christmas with her family when she realizes she had misplaced her son, Kevin, for the second time.

In the scene, she yells "Kevin!" before falling backwards in a fainting motion.  

O’Hara revisited her famous scene via Tiktok where she lip-synced the words and fainted like a pro, giving many some much-needed nostalgia. 

The video garnered over four million views on Twitter and more than three million views on Tiktok.  

This comes swiftly after fans of The Schitt’s Creek fandom began to realize that this was not her first rodeo as a mother on the big screen since she once played Kevin's mom in the classic Christmas franchise.

Schitt’s Creek's Twitter page even reposted the reaction of fans when they found out the not-so-secret news and tweeted, "It's that time of year again."

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