Catherine O'Hara Is Moira Rose & Kevin's Mom In 'Home Alone' & It Surprises People Every Year

Is Home Alone the Moira Rose origin story?🎄🤣

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Catherine O'Hara Is Moira Rose & Kevin's Mom In 'Home Alone' & It Surprises People Every Year

It's that time of year again! With the holiday season fast approaching, people around the world are realizing that Moira Rose from Schitt's Creek and Kevin's mom in Home Alone are actually the same person.

While Catherine O'Hara fans will be familiar with her iconic history of characters, it seems not everyone immediately recognizes her in some of those earlier roles.

Around this time of year, when movie lovers curl up to watch festive classics once again, social media becomes filled with tweets and posts as people realize Moira Rose is the same actor as Kate McCallister.

Things are no different in 2021, and Schitt's Creek fans are already taking to Twitter to share their surprise.

After learning about the connection between the two moms, fans have pointed out that the two characters actually have some very similar traits, too — including occasionally totally neglecting their kids. Oops!

One fan joked, "Kate McAllister fainting at the airport in Home Alone 2 is *peak* Moira Rose."

Another noted, "Watching Home Alone, a Christmas Eve tradition, but this year all I can see is Moira Rose...and how it is very in character of her to forget her kid."

The Canadian-American star first appeared as the mom in Home Alone back in 1990. Around 25 years later, she returned to our screens as Moira Rose in the award-winning Canadian sitcom.

The annual realization is so regular that the official Schitt's Creek Twitter page acknowledged it last year, joking that "it's that time of year again."

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