Catherine O'Hara Is 67 Today & She's Achieved So Much Since Becoming Famous

Did you know she has 107 acting credits on IMDb?! 🤩
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Catherine O'Hara Is 67 Today & She's Achieved So Much Since Becoming Famous

Happy birthday to a Canadian icon! March 4 is Catherine O’Hara’s birthday and there’s no better time to look back at her impressive life and career.

To mark the occasion, the internet is celebrating the lady that gave us Moira Rosa from Schitt’s Creek, Delia from Beetlejuice and even Kevin’s mom in Home Alone!

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Acknowledging the occasion, IMDb tweeted that O’Hara had a whopping 107 acting credits on their site.

Some of her most famous roles include Grandma Frump in The Addams Family (2019), Dr. Orwell in Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events and Sally/Shock in The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Their tweet included a four-minute clip featuring some of the 67-year-old's best acting moments, in addition to some trivia about her life!

With the topic trending on Twitter throughout the day, the Schitt’s Creek social media pages shared photos to celebrate the day, while Canadians, Americans and fans from around the world shared well-wishes online, too.

It was a similar situation last year, as the internet declared March 4 #CatherineOHaraDay and celebrated with memes, GIFs and iconic photos.

O’Hara has plenty to celebrate this year especially though. Schitt’s Creek has had an incredible run at awards shows recently, with her earning a Golden Globe of her own for her portrayal of Moira Rose.

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