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Moira Rose Got A Shout-Out From Justin Trudeau After 'Schitt's Creek' Won Even More Awards

It looks like even the prime minister can’t resist Schitt’s Creek! Justin Trudeau took to social media to congratulate the show’s cast and crew after they won even more awards over the weekend and he gave Moira Rose a special shout-out.

In a Twitter message shared one day after the Golden Globes 2021 ceremony, the Canadian PM gushed about “the entire Schitt’s Creek team.”

Editor's Choice: Catherine O'Hara Won A Golden Globe For Being Moira Rose & She Gave The Best Speech

The Canadian TV show was nominated for five Golden Globe awards, including Best Television Series (Musical or Comedy).

Dan Levy, Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara and Annie Murphy were all also recognized for performances in their respective categories.

The show overall took home the trophy for Best Television Series, whilst O’Hara won for her portrayal of the iconic Moira Rose.

Trudeau acknowledged this achievement in particular, proving he’s a true Moira Rose fan at the same time!

“No wonder Moira’s favourite season is awards season,” he joked, in reference to a popular scene from one episode.

"Congratulations to Catherine O’Hara on her Golden Globes win last night, he continued, “And to the entire [Schitt’s Creek] team for the recognition of their great work - you deserve it.”

It’s not the first time Trudeau has gushed about the show publicly. 

Last year, when the show swept the Emmy awards, the PM said Canada was “so proud.”

Elton John also proved himself to be a Schitt’s Creek super-fan recently, taking to Twitter to share the sweetest photo of himself with the cast.

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