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'Schitt's Creek' Just Got Nominated For Five Golden Globe Awards & Dan Levy Responded

Hooray! It looks like Canada's very own Schitt's Creek is snatching up award nominations left and right and they're not being at all shy about it.

The show was just nominated for five Golden Globes and its cast members are ecstatic about the news.    

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5 Golden Globes award nominations

The 78th Golden Globe awards announced their nominees for their 2021 award season and it was safe to say that Schitt's Creek represented Canada well.

With five nominations under the show's belt, it's no wonder Dan Levy had something to say about it.

Levy took to Instagram to share the news of the nominations and he was so proud.

"Thinking of all of the amazingly talented people who helped make this show. Y’did good, team!" he captioned the post. 

The show was nominated for Best Television Series for Musical or Comedy.

Dan Levy, Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara and Annie Murphy were each nominated for awards for their respective roles as well.  

The TV series was just recently nominated for five Critics Choice Awards too.

The long-standing success is in keeping with their iconic 15 Emmy nominations in which the show took home nine awards last year.

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