Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery right? Well, Justin Trudeau was impersonated by a Canadian YouTuber and he thinks it was just "close enough."

Stewart Reynolds, also known as Brittlestar, posted a video for his birthday of him recreating a press conference Trudeau did back in March.

You might remember it because he stopped it to go inside his house and get a coat because of the weather.

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Reynolds even said word for word what Trudeau did when he went to get a coat but it took a different turn after that.

“Even in this dark year, there comes a day of light. A time when family and friends traditionally gather in large groups to give thanks… For me,” he said.

Then Reynolds riffed on some of the stuff the Prime Minister usually mentions like wearing a mask.

Trudeau replied to the video and said that the impersonation was "close enough."

He also wished Reynolds a happy birthday and thanked him for keeping people entertained.

The Prime Minister even complimented the podium sign which was also a play on the sign he has on his podium.

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