It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...another jetpack wearer flying over Los Angeles International Aiport, for some godforsaken reason.

For the second time since August, a person wearing an actual jetpack flew around the airport, and, once again, no one was able to catch them.

While everyone is confused about what is actually going on, and the FBI is currently investigating the situation, the real question is: How does someone fly over an international airport in a jetpack and just...get away with it?

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people have flown over LAX in jetpacks in six weeks (so far)

In fact, rather than try to figure it out, experts seem to just be citing all of the reasons why a jetpacking fellow couldn't possibly be flying around (not enough fuel and no parachute, for example).

Everyone is in agreeance on one thing for sure, though, which is: ...What?????

Then again, this has been quite the year so all right, yeah, sure, a jetpack — fine.

...While some people just assume it's Elon Musk, doing a regular commute.

It is currently also unknown if the person who flew over the airport this week was the same one who did it on August 29. 

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