When Apple releases a new product, there’s almost always some controversy. 

Remember when the first generation of AirPods came out and people couldn’t get over how weird they looked in our ears? Now, having a wire attached to earphones is unthinkable.

Well, the Airpods Max don't have a wire, but they certainly do not look anything like the OG Airpods. 

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Price of Airpods Max

Rather than tiny earbuds that are practically unnoticeable, Airpods Max are a large headset similar to those sold by Bose and Beats. 

Oh, and they're $549 — Over three times the price of regular Airpods at $159.

There also seems to be a theme with Apple creating products small from the start, but each newer version being bigger than the last. 

Just think, when the iPhone first came out in 2007, the concept was a sleek, small phone as opposed to the big, chunky flip phones we used to have.

Now there's a "plus" or "max" version of almost all Apple products, like the iPhone 12 Pro that people need to use a pop-socket to hold onto. 

Just a thought, but it seems like Apple’s products keep getting bigger and bigger — including the new AirPods Max. 

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