It's safe to say that Santa Claus might have a harder time delivering presents this year due to the pandemic, as he will do whatever it takes to not take the illness back to his North Pole workshop, which has so far reported zero cases of COVID-19.

Jolly Old Saint Nick definitely meets the requirements to be classified as an essential worker, but how much does he deserve to make a year?

Lucky for us, one company did the math and calculated exactly how much Santa should actually be taking in annually.

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Annual salary according to

The mathematicians over at have calculated that Santa should actually be getting a 2% bump to his salary this year.

This number was reached after calculating the number of hours the jolly man likely spends doing various tasks such as running the workshop, reading letters, checking his list (twice) and caring for a herd of reindeer.

"While the North Pole continues production in these trying times, it's nice to see Father Christmas continues earning top dollar," said senior consumer analyst for Insure, Penny Gusner.

Legend has it Santa could actually be making more has he does in fact accept tips for every gift delivery, but he normally prefers cookies and a glass of milk. does an annual report detailing how much Santa Claus should be making every year as a cheery reminder of the importance of life insurance.

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