At Bombay Beach near the Salton Sea deep within the California desert, you come for the ruins and stay for the art...because they're actually the same thing.

The town looks like a desolate area, and it is— it's been the filming location for many a film featuring a dystopian apocalypse-like locale.

However, it's also an artist's town, made up of installations and art literally everywhere you turn. 

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Bombay Beach itself is littered with "shipwrecks," chairs, the point where you don't know whether to be like, "Whoa!" or "Yikes!" so it ends up being a combination of both.

The neighborhood just north of the beach is filled with art, big and small, everywhere you look.

There's a vertical plane just hanging out in the neighborhood (and it glows at night).

There's a swing in the Salton Sea, which many an Instagrammer has gone out to sit on and take a photo of...however, we don't recommend this (the water is rather toxic, actually).

There's plenty of places for photos literally everywhere else — like this abandoned drive-in movie theater.

All in all, the view from the beach is both eerie and fantastical — one of the best combinations.

You're bound to find an arty Airbnb to stay in, from beach houses to bungalows — and we guarantee that they will be packed with character.

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