Sometimes you just need some cold, hard data to sum up the past several months of your life. Thankfully, Etsy's top search trends of 2020 are here and they speak volumes. 

In an email sent to Narcity, Etsy broke down what people have been shopping for and the timeline perfectly sums up our collective pandemic stages.

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Courtesy Of Etsy

According to Etsy data, people were obsessed with hanging shelves and storage baskets in January. Fast forward to March when most of Canada was under strict health orders and staying indoors. 

In March, people got crafty, practiced self-care, and tried to keep their hands clean. The data is as follows:

  • ‘face masks’ up by 2546%
    ‘hand sanitizer’ up by 2329%
    ‘paint by number kits’ up 1547%
    ‘beginner cross stitch kits’ up 735% 

Come April, people only cared about board games and searches went up 1522%. 

In June the main search trend was "Black-owned shops," up 2968%. 

In October people dove into the cozy season and searched hot chocolate bombs and advent wreaths in serious excess. 

Some more increased searches worth noting include desks, room dividers, oversized clothing, and matching items for pets and humans. 

We've really been going through it, haven't we?