Black Owned Businesses Are All Over Canada & There's A Directory With Over 1500 Of Them

You can give them your support.
Black Owned Businesses Canada Has To Offer Can Be Found In Online Directory

There are a lot of things individuals can do to show solidarity in these troubling times. Supporting black-owned businesses in Canada is a good place to start. Luckily, there's a helpful directory that provides information on where to find them. provides more than 1500 listings for black-owned businesses, black entrepreneurs, and black organizations across the country.

These include black-owned banks, black hair salons, black churches, and black doctors.

Within individual cities, you can also find restaurants, financial services, art galleries, and personal training businesses that are black-owned and operated.

The site lists these businesses in major markets like Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and Montreal.

However, it also provides information for smaller cities across Canada like Red Deer, Alberta and Sydney, Nova Scotia.

For example, Red Deer residents can pay a visit to the French Creperie, a business specializing in delicious and authentic French crepes made fresh to order.

Evan, the owner, came to Canada from France six years ago and is also a student and athlete at the University of Alberta. 

In Sydney, you'll find Up North Naturals, a company specializing in products made for naturally textured hair.

Founded by Lisa Keizer in 2015, the company now has its products on the shelves of a major American retailer.

On top of that, Up North Naturals products are all vegan, and never tested on animals. They can be found in stores or bought online and shipped to both Canada and the United States.

Other smaller markets with black businesses listed on include Ajax, Fort McMurray, Brooks, Whitby, Gatineau, and Surrey.

Surrey in particular is home to Seven Eye Designs, an art studio owned by Joella Daniela. On top of selling her own work, Joella also teaches painting classes.

The directory provides links right to the websites or social media pages of these businesses, making them easy to find and contact.