6 Government Of Canada Jobs Across Canada Right Now That Pay Anywhere From $25/hr To $106K

There's something for everyone!
6 Government Of Canada Jobs Across Canada Right Now That Pay Anywhere From $25/hr To $106K

Are you still hunting for the job that is right for you? Well, lucky for you, Government of Canada jobs are available all over the country right now. 

The gigs range in sectors and salaries so there is something for everyone.

Whether you like working with your hands, on a computer, or you're a student looking to gain experience, we have something for you.

Here are six jobs across Canada that are currently hiring and pay anywhere between $25/hr to $106K a year.

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Heritage Presenter (Alberta)

Salary: $46,234-52,046

Company: Parks Canada

Who Should Apply: If you're great with people and can deliver presentations to visitors then this job is for you. The successful candidate will assist at special events and ensure safe wildlife viewing.

To be considered for this job, you must have a high school diploma or related experience, some training in a similar field, and be okay with public speaking.

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Drivers (Quebec)

Salary: $22.66-25.48 per hour

Company: National Defence

Who Should Apply: If you have an interest in driving different types of vehicles this position could be for you.

Experience as a driver is preferred or essential depending on the specific job requirement.

Applicants are required to have a "successful completion of two years [of] secondary school" and a driver's licence.

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Pay and Benefits Specialist (Ontario) 

Salary: $65,460-79,640

Company: Canadian Security Intelligence Service

Who Should Apply: The job includes coordinating and administering pay and benefits services via counselling, documenting and advising.

You will also need experience in client services, working in resources and policies.

To snag this job you will need to have graduated from an accredited learning institution recognized in Canada and if you studied abroad you will need to provide that information.

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Promotions Social Media Assistant (B.C)

Salary: $15.40-24.77 per hour

Company: Parks Canada

Who Should Apply: Successful candidates will work in photography, video and editing. They will also work in social media and making online campaigns.

Applicants must be registered as full-time students in a recognized institution or be going back to school in the next academic year.

Experience with writing, copy-editing, using social media and computer software is essential.

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Surveyor (Saskatchewan)   

Salary: $87,390-106,202

Company: Natural Resources Canada

Who Should Apply: The right candidate can expect to work with many different initiatives, such as First Nation land management, treaty land entitlement, land claim agreements, resource extraction, renewable energy infrastructure, and more.

They will have graduated with a degree with a specialization in land survey theory and practice or other fields like "geomatics, geodetic sciences and remote sensing."

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Plumber (multiple locations)

Salary: $29.68-32.27 per hour

Company: Correctional Service Canada

Who Should Apply: Jobs are available in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta and they are looking for someone who can work work with their hands and provide plumbing maintenance services for the occupants and staff of the institution.

Candidates must have maintenance experience including water repair, sewage, plumbing and more.

A secondary diploma is also required for the job.

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