Health Canada Says It’s ‘Still Learning’ If Vaccinated People Can Spread COVID-19

"Follow public health measures, regardless of your vaccination status."

Health Canada Is ‘Still Learning’ If Vaccinated People Can Spread COVID-19
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Health Canada Says It's 'Still Learning' If Vaccinated People Can Spread COVID-19

Health Canada is asking the public to continue to follow public health advice, regardless of their COVID-19 vaccination status.

In a notice on May 24, the federal agency explained that while approved COVID-19 vaccines are "highly effective in preventing illness," it's not yet certain if they prevent an individual from carrying COVID-19.

"We're still learning if vaccinated individuals can carry and spread the virus to others," the notice explained.

For this reason, Canandians should continue to follow health guidelines for the time being — like wearing a mask, limiting close contacts and regularly washing hands — regardless of whether they've received a vaccine dose or not.

This comes shortly after Canada released a "life after vaccination" roadmap, outlining what summer and fall 2021 could look like if high COVID-19 vaccination coverage is reached.

Helena Hanson
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