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Here’s How You Can Still Celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving Even If It’ll Be A Little Different

Thankful for vegan cheesecake.
Contributing writer
Here’s How You Can Still Celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving Even If It’ll Be A Little Different

Canadian Thanksgiving won't exactly be the same this year, but, thankfully, we can still indulge in great food and delicious desserts, like thisPC® Plant-Based Apple Crumble pie.

It's all about celebrating the spirit of the holidays, even if the traditions are a little bit different. Sure, your usual gatherings might be cancelled, but you can't cancel gratitude and yummy leftovers.

If you're curious as to how you can still celebrate Thanksgiving this year, here's a list of 11 ways to make the most of the holiday.

Enjoy Your Turkey Dinner Over Zoom

Yes, this does sound odd but, hey, times are weird right now. Quite frankly, this might be the closest thing we'll get to a normal Thanksgiving dinner. Let's face it: it's 2020, which means nearly everyone is a computer-whiz by now. The internet is second nature for most of us, so why not use it to our advantage? At this point, we've had virtual graduations, virtual schooling, and even virtual weddings. We should be pros at virtual Thanksgiving. Have some fun with it, send out email invitations for your Zoom dinner and get dressed up in your favourite fall outfit.

Try Making A New Recipe With Your Household

It's not Thanksgiving without some tasty desserts. This year, spice things up by trying out a new dessert. Baking is a great way to bond with your family, which is what this holiday is all about. Venture out and create something you might've never tried before, like a tasty vegan cheesecake. Whether you have veggie-loving family members, or you're plant-curious and want to try new things, this option is a delicious crowd-pleaser. You can even drop some off at your loved ones' doorsteps and allow them to appreciate it from a distance. Ready in just a couple of hours, the President's Choice No-Bake Vegan Cheesecake with Coconut and Pineapple won't disappoint. In fact, this ‘cheesecake’ is cheese-free, making it totally plant-based. PC® is all about offering products that allow Canadians to discover new flavours and new ways of enjoying food, the brand’s lineup of plant-based products is no exception.

Host A Virtual Pumpkin-Carving Contest 

This one will be sure to get you in the Halloween spirit, which is just around the corner. Have your family and friends pick out a pumpkin and carve it to the best of their ability. Set a time limit and once the clock strikes, everyone has to get online and display their work of art. Once completed, have everybody vote. May the prettiest pumpkin win! In this case, it's probably best that the contest is virtual because things can get pretty competitive.

Binge-Watch Your Favourite Thanksgiving Specials 

Possibly the greatest thing about this year's Thanksgiving is that there's no reason to feel guilty if you just want to lay around and be comfy. There's nothing like snuggling up on the couch and turning on your favourite Thanksgiving specials.

Lounge Around & Indulge In Tasty Treats

PC® has a mouthwatering Plant-Based Apple Crumble Pie that will complement your cozy night in perfectly. Boasting juicy Northern Spy apples tossed in sugar and cinnamon, this ready-made dessert is so buttery-tasting that it's hard to believe it’s made with no butter. Make it extra special by pairing your slice (or two) with a scoop of PC® Plant-Based Coconut Milk Frozen Dessert. If you're feeling peckish later on, whip up a midnight sandwich with some PC® Plant-Based Mayo-Style Spread.

Challenge Friends To A Virtual Card Game 

Let the games begin — have you and your friends order a fun card game (each), like "Cards Against Humanity" or "What Do You Meme." Find a way to make it work, whether it's via FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype. There are tons of opportunities to have fun together, even when apart. We've definitely managed to find ways to keep connected over the past few months, which is something to be thankful for.

Go For A Scenic Hike & Enjoy Nature

No matter how chaotic life may get, nature is always there to help us reconnect with what really matters. 'Tis the season to focus on what's important to us, and there's nothing like a beautiful scenic walk in the middle of autumn to help us appreciate the little things. With the leaves changing colours and the crisp fall air blowing them around, there's something so serene about this time of year. Plus, it wouldn't hurt to walk off that big Thanksgiving dinner.

Make DIY Centrepieces For Your Loved Ones

With extra time on your hands, this is the perfect opportunity to get your creative juices flowing. Since you won't be able to sit down at the table with all of your family members and friends, it'd be nice to leave them with a sweet token to remind them you're there in spirit. Head over to your nearest craft store and grab everything you'll need to make a harvest-style centrepiece. Light a fall-scented candle and get to work! Once you've finished your mini-masterpieces, deliver them to your loved ones.

Organize A Socially-Distanced Potluck

One of the best parts of Thanksgiving is tasting what everybody else brought. There's no need to miss out on that; you can still enjoy your aunt's incredible mashed potatoes in a socially distanced fashion. Ask your family to whip up their signature dishes and do an exchange. This way, you're all contributing to the same Thanksgiving dinner that you look forward to every year.

Paint A Rock Of Gratitude

If you have kids, they'll love this one (you will too). First, you'll need to find a decent-sized rock on your scenic walk or in your yard. Next step, get some paint and decorate your rock as you please. After it's dried, think of something you're thankful for and paint that word onto the rock. It's the perfect craft that doubles as cute front porch decor. Nostalgia warning: this one will bring you back to elementary school days.

Play Board Games & Puzzles

Have you ever seen those beautiful autumn-scenery puzzles? Spend some time working on one this Thanksgiving with your household. It can be a great interactive activity to bring your family together. If you guys are more into the competitive board games, then pick your poison and have some fun. Reconnecting with loved ones will help you realize that everything will eventually be okay.

Collect & Donate Canned Goods

To demonstrate gratitude, it feels great to help others in need. Giving back is a way of giving thanks. Circumstances make it hard to physically volunteer these days, so instead, buy and collect canned goods to donate. While you're at it, go through the things that you no longer use or want and consider dropping them off at your local shelters. The essence of the season revolves around the goodness of your heart.

If you're looking to welcome new traditions in a year that’s sure to be untraditional, try incorporating more plant-based foods into your home from the tasty PC® Plant-Based lineup. Find their products at your local Loblaws®, No Frills®orReal Canadian Superstore®.

This Thanksgiving, keep an open mind and heart. We've all been through a lot. It's time we enjoy each moment with our loved ones — no matter the distance.

To discover more PC® Plant-Based products, visit their website. Click here for tasty plant-based recipes to try this Thanksgiving!