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Here’s Why This Cute Rural County In Ontario Should Be On Your Staycation Bucket List

Stunning landscapes and charming small town hospitality.

Here's Why Ontario's Perth County Should Be On Every Canadian's Bucket List
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Here's Why Ontario's Perth County Should Be On Every Canadian's Bucket List

If you've been itching to get out of the city and explore the charming rural countryside, you're in luck: the perfect road-trip destination is only a few hours from the GTA. Picture-perfect trails, adorable cafés, sprawling country roads and welcoming townsfolk.

Perth County is home to four southwestern Ontario municipalities (North Perth, Perth East, West Perth and Perth South), each offering warm hospitality and countless opportunities to indulge your inner foodie at one of the many farm gate stores and restaurants in the area.

If the thought of local produce excites you, check out Switzer Sweet Corn & Pumpkins, an ideal spot for fall photos and taking home all the brightest gourds for spooky season.

Another must-visit destination is Huckleberry Hives, a local beehive that offers interactive beehive tours and sells its own honey, candles and other unique bee products.

There are so many memorable countryside destinations in the area that Perth County created a "Discover More Flavour" Farm Gate Map to help you get the most from your road-trip experience. This intuitive digital map features themed itineraries and over 65 farms to visit.

Let the map guide you to mouthwatering destinations and be wowed by the scenic drive. Enjoy fresh fruits and veg, pick berries at a local farm and take in the dreamy rural countryside.

Fresh produce isn't all you can find in your agricultural adventure — the county is home to flower farms, local meat and cheese producers (that means cheddar to elevate any charcuterie board) and interactive experiences for animal lovers. Be sure to have your camera ready because things are about to get a whole lot cuter. In Perth County, you'll have the chance to walk alpacas, feed goats and pet adorable donkeys.

If you're looking for more Instagram-worthy content, swing by one of Perth County's pick-your-own farms for the perfect photo backdrop. From berries and pumpkins to colourful flowers, it's time to throw on your favourite fall scarf and invite your best pals for a day trip. There are countless memories to be made and unique new experiences to try in this charming rural county.

Extending your stay and truly immerse yourself in the Perth County experience — try out a curated cheese-tasting tour, learn the inner workings of a maple syrup farm, flex your skills on the golfing greens or unwind at the spa.

Perth County Tourism

Perth County is a rural gem that's great for any adventure seeker, photographer, animal lover or gourmand. It's time everyone gets a little more familiar with where ingredients are grown and made — and it doesn't get any closer than shopping farm fresh or picking the produce yourself.

Whether you're road-tripping from within Ontario or planning a coast-to-coast journey, Perth County is an ideal summer and fall destination, full of authentic culinary adventures, homegrown foods and charming townspeople.

Discover More In Perth County

Address: Perth County, Ontario

Details: The picturesque countryside, farm-fresh experiences and friendly townsfolk are calling.

To learn more about visiting Perth County, check out their Farm Gate Map and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.

Before you get going, check our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

Jenna Marie Schwartz
Sponsored Content Contributing Writer, Studio
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