Is there anything more soothing than the sound of water lapping against the shore? This house for sale in Newfoundland would give you the opportunity to hear that every single day. It has great views, plenty of space, and it's surprisingly cheap!

The property, located in Harcourt, Newfoundland, is a seemingly compact house surrounded by gorgeous green space.

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A large front lawn would make the perfect spot for sitting out in the sun, taking in the surrounding natural beauty, or having waterside picnics with your pets and BFFs.

There's also a backyard where you could have a table, some chairs, and even a barbecue, allowing you to spend even more time in the great outdoors.

Of course, the real draw here is just how close the house is to the water. If you're the kind of person who loves to leave dry land, it would be perfect for boating.

The listing also states that you'd be right near "some of the best cod fishing in the area."

Joe Wells | RE/MAX Eastern Edge Realty

Inside the house, the walls just got a fresh coat of paint, making the place look even cozier.

The front door leads into the living room, which has a clear view right down to the water, with large windows that provide plenty of natural light.

Five bedrooms and one bathroom are spread out among the 1,600 square feet. That means there's plenty of living space for a large group or family.

Joe Wells | RE/MAX Eastern Edge Realty

The extra rooms could also serve other purposes. They could be used for working out or turned into an office so you can get your 9-5 done with a view of the ocean.

The basement is partially finished and includes a wood-burning stove to keep warm on colder days and nights.

At just $129,900, this waterfront property is certainly attainable, and with a little bit of TLC, it could be something really spectacular!

Waterfront House With Great A View

Price: $129,900

Address: 931 Main Rd., Harcourt, NL

Description: A cozy home that's just steps from the ocean and is actually fairly affordable. What's not to love, eh?

Joe Wells | RE/MAX Eastern Edge Realty

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