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Newfoundland Has Some Huge Houses For Sale & They're All Under $80K (PHOTOS)

A little love could make any of these a dream home! 🏡

In real estate, the phrase "you get what you pay for" is often very true. However, it doesn't always have to be, especially when it comes to having enough space. There are plenty of Newfoundland houses for sale that offer decent square footage for a more-than-fair price.

While residents of the Rock sometimes have to deal with some pretty intense winters, there's no denying that a home on the island would be pretty idyllic.

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You could end up living by the water and watching the ships go by, or you could live more inland, in the quiet countryside.

Either way, there are houses that are on the market for less than $80,000, and you don't have to deal with any cramped spaces just to save some money.

Some of these homes are fixer-uppers, but with so much room and such a small initial price to pay, renovations wouldn't necessarily be out of the question.

These houses have some other attractive features as well, such as nice yards, large decks, or the previously mentioned waterfront views.

An entire house for just five digits doesn't have to be a fantasy, and you don't have to pay a premium to live the Maritime lifestyle.

7 2 Street

Price: $49,900

Address: 7 2 Street, Placentia, NL

Description: This 1,748 square foot home with its inviting interior would be perfect for a large family. Anyone who is interested in making some extra income should know that the basement can also be rented out.

[image 5f4541676688c52eb3349ee4]

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801 Main Street

Price: $65,000

Address: 801 Main Street, St. David's, NL

Description: On top of the generous amount of space inside this four-bedroom home, you also get a massive yard, perfect for those warm summer days spent hanging outside.

[image 5f4541d94d7d452e56a0fc28]

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27 Groves Lane

Price: $69,900

Address: 27 Groves Lane, Bonavista, NL

Description: If there's one thing this 2,112 square foot bungalow has plenty of, it's potential. There's more than enough room to make this home exactly what you want it to be.

[image 5f45424e6688c52eb3349ef6]

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3-4 Dunford Place

Price: $71,500

Address: 3-4 Dunford Place, Marystown, NL

Description: This large property also has the potential to include a one-bedroom apartment in the basement. While it might require some touching up, there's so plenty of opportunity to make this house a home.

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358 Main Road

Price: $71,500

Address: 358 Main Road, Arnold's Cove, NL

Description: A deck with a waterfront view for less than $72,000? Believe it! This three-bedroom home includes amazing ocean vistas, plus a cozy basement rec room with propane fireplace.

[image 5f4543c0d706fc2edb709d70]

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30 Webcon Road

Price: $74,900

Address: 30 Webcon Road, Humber Arm South, NL

Description: This attractive piece of property would make a great starter home. Both the interior and the backyard have the potential to make this the ideal house.

[image 5f45442a4d7d452e56a0fc54]

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124 Water Street

Price: $75,000

Address: 124 Water Street, St. Lawrence, NL

Description: Outdoor enthusiasts take note! This home features a great second-level deck with plenty of room for a barbecue and comfortable outdoor furniture. That's on top of five bedrooms and 2,478 square feet of living space.

[image 5f454500d706fc2edb709d86]

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59 Main Street

Price: $75,900

Address: 59 Main Street, Stephenville Crossing, NL

Description: You'd never run out of storage space in this home's kitchen, which boasts an impressive amount of cabinets. The large living room gets plenty of natural light as well.

[image 5f45456a9058192d472cc62a]

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12 Battery Road

Price: $79,900

Address: 12 Battery Road, Trepassey, NL

Description: This home has so much to offer for such a reasonable price. With three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and 2,352 square feet of living space (plus a sauna), there's plenty of value in this property.

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