Whether you loathe speaking with your internet service provider, or you're indifferent and just accept it as a necessary inevitability, negotiating your plan is something you may want to consider.

In this episode of All Things Money (ATM), money coach Nicole Victoria provides tips on how to navigate the workings of your service provider to get the most savings possible.

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When it comes time to negotiate your plan, Victoria advocates for speaking over the phone with your provider because employees in the store may not "have the ability to offer any deals, sales, or promotions."

And when you do eventually get through, she suggests asking to speak directly to retentions and coming prepared with information like how much you're actually using and what speed you're actually getting.

While the first offer you do get may not be the best offer on the table, Victoria advises that you "be friendly, be direct, and ask for exactly what you want" and that "no just means we haven't found the parameters to come to a yes yet."