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I Tried Biolage's New 100% Cruelty-Free Hair-Care Products & Here’s What I Thought

Happy curls, happy girl.

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I Tried Biolage's New 100% Cruelty-Free Hair-Care Products & Here’s What I Thought

It’s the ultimate confidence booster, it can be an expression of gender identity or personal style and its cultural significance is profound. Of course, I’m talking about hair. A potentially challenging art to master, styling your locks doesn’t have to be a riddle.

Everyone’s got a personal relationship with their mane. Mine — thick, coarse and mostly misbehaved — has spent most of its lifetime tied up in a bun. It feels like I’ve been searching for a cure-all for these curls since birth, and the magic potion has eluded me.

Recently, after squeezing the last drops of product from a tried-and-failed hair-care system, I ventured to the salon for a shag cut and some professional guidance.

After chatting with a stylist — who suggested I focus on moisturizing my tresses — I looked into vegan, sustainably packaged and cruelty-free solutions for dryness. This search brought me to Biolage, a botanical-based professional hair-care brand.

Available at Chatters and on Amazon, Biolage’s HydraSource line sounded like just what the doctor (or stylist) ordered. This hydrating line of products is packaged with 100% recycled plastic, which is a huge bonus.

So, I went all in with the Ultra HydraSource Conditioning Balm ($26), the HydraSource Shampoo ($26), the Ultra Hydrasource Leave-In Cream ($26) and the HydraSource Deep Hydration Pack ($19).

For those also exhausted by the Sysiphean search for sustainable hair care that actually works, here’s my review of Biolage’s HydraSource line.

Biolage HydraSource Shampoo

Sierra Riley | Narcity

To start, I grabbed the super sleek shampoo bottle and hopped in the shower, following the instructions on the back label (which also let me know that these Biolage products are paraben free).

It had a silky, gel-like consistency and a gentle floral fragrance — which, I learned, is the iconic Biolage Aromascience fragrance.

I worked up a lather, focussing on my scalp and rinsed it all out. Pro tip: Apparently, this shampoo is also great for anyone with colour-treated hair.

Biolage HydraSource Conditioning Balm

Sierra Riley | Narcity

Next up was the conditioning balm. This creamy white product was thicker than the shampoo but smelled just as lovely.

I applied a generous layer from the roots to the ends and noticed that a little went a long way. This, to me, is always a great sign for a long-lasting product (plus, it minimizes waste).

I left it in for a full three minutes, taking that time to belt out some Taylor Swift before washing out the conditioner. My hair instantly detangled and was lush to the touch.

Biolage HydraSource Daily Leave-In Cream

After my shower, I threw on a microfibre towel until my locks were just damp, then applied the leave-in cream (which I was particularly excited to try).

The label and rave reviews claim that this reparative treatment has added polymers. Though I can’t pretend to know the science behind this, Biolage says it helps prevent breakage and calm frizz, making styling extra easy.

Sierra Riley | Narcity

Eager to see if the product would work such wonders on my unruly tresses, I combed in a loonie-sized amount that my hair soaked up like a much-needed drink of water.

Now it was time to play the waiting game until my hair air-dried.

Immediate Results

In about an hour; my usually dull curls were especially defined and even had a bit of shine to them.

The ringlets held all day long, and it was only after sleeping on them that they got a bit frizzier. Even on day two, the softness and shiny appearance remained. So far, this seemed like something just short of a miracle.

Sierra Riley | Narcity

Since I wash my hair about twice a week, only time could tell how these results would last.

Biolage HydraSource Deep Treatment Pack Hair Mask

By the third day after my wash, my hair still felt smooth with just a bit more frizz. I decided to try the routine again, this time using Biolage’s deep-treatment mask in lieu of conditioner.

Sierra Riley | Narcity

In each pack, you get about four uses for whenever you need an extra boost of hydration. The solution is a pale green colour, scented with the trademark Aromascience fragrance.

I worked some of this powerful stuff into my mane after shampooing, leaving the treatment in for a full three minutes before washing it out. Instantly, I could tell that the mask packs a punch in the hydration department.

Final Impressions

Sierra Riley | Narcity

My second wash using the Biolage HydraSource line earned these products their mainstay status as staples in my shower caddy.

A good-hair day has become a likelihood rather than a chance occurrence. Biolage has liberated my mane from its usual bun. I can wear it loose or style it à là Jane Fonda without having to fight with dry, stubborn locks.

A person’s relationship with their hair is a unique thing. My shag and I have achieved symbiosis: I take care of it, and it rewards me with luscious, confidence-boosting curls for days.

To find out more about Biolage’s Hydrasource line, check out their website, follow them on Instagram or order products online.

Although products were provided for free in this review, the author's opinions are genuine and do not reflect the views of Narcity Media.